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Chemical Kinetics Assignment help

chemical kinetics assignment help

Chemical kinetics is one of the topics of chemistry that is associated with studying of rates of chemical processes. In this topic, how different experimental conditions influence the speed of a chemical reaction. Not only this, chemical kinetics also helps in yielding the information related to the reaction mechanism.  

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  • Nature of reactants taking part in the reaction

The nature of reactants and strength of bonds formed between the reactants, has a greater impact in the formation of the products. Let’s say, the reaction tends to get slower if the molecules are bigger in size and also the same case arises when there is formation of covalent bonds.

  • Physical state of reactants

The state of reactants plays a very important role in the rate of change of the reaction. Let’s say when the reactants are in the same phase, for example in aqueous solution, due to thermal motion the reactants interact with each other. And if they are in different phases, the reaction gets limited to the interface between the reactants. The reactions occur at the area of contact, at times you need to shake the reactants vigorously to bring it to the completion.  

  • Surface area of solids

When it comes to talking about the reaction of chemicals on the surface, the more are the number of particles lying on the surface. More is the interaction of reactants.

  • Concentration

The reactions occur due to the collision of the reactants in the reaction. Another important thing to be noted in this is that of concentration. The more is the number of molecules, more will be the collisions, thus it will increase the reaction rate.

  • Temperature

It has been observed that molecules higher temperature has more thermal energy, thus the reactant molecules gain enough energy which ultimately helps in increasing the rate of reaction. Though the rate of increase of reaction is not that big, yet it is important.

  • Catalysts

One of the most interesting things about the catalysts is that they help in increasing or decreasing the rate of reaction, without undergoing any changes in it. While it also does not affect the rate of equilibrium.

  • Pressure

Pressure increases the rate of reaction, which will increase the rate of collisions among the molecules, which is going to increase the rate of reaction.

  • Presence of light

Light is a natural source of providing activation energy to the starting materials (reactants), because of which the rate of reaction becomes faster.

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Many of you might think that what is the use of chemical kinetics?

Basically, chemical kinetics is associated with thermodynamics which determines the rate at which reaction occurs.

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Chemical kinetics deals with how fast the reactions occur and analyses the supporting condition, that affect the reaction in two ways. That is the speed of reaction may increase or decrease or there may be other aspects related to it. It has been observed that chemical kinetics is also termed as reaction kinetics.

In chemical kinetics, there are a different order of reactions, for instance, zero order reaction, first-order reaction, and second order reaction. There are many factors, that are involved in bringing changes in the reaction rates effectively. The examples may include the nature of reactants, the physical state of the reactants and concentration of the reactants altogether contribute to affecting the reaction rates.

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