Mentyor - Wallet Terms & Conditions
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Wallet Terms and Conditions

Earn Reward Points:

  • Register yourself on Mentyor and earn $25. This amount is credited to your Mentyor wallet. And then you can place your order.

  • You can add more money to your wallet by just referring to your friends. Then your Mentyor wallet is added with $50 more.

  • Once your assignment is complete, you will be benefitted with a cashback of 10%. This cashback amount is credited to your Mentyor wallet after 15 days of completion of the assignment.

The Condition:

  • After you have referred your friend you will be credited $50 to your Mentyor wallet only when he or she places their first assignment order.

  • On every order of the assignment, you can use up to 25%. That is 25% of the ordered assignment amount gets deducted from your Mentyor wallet.

  • We also provide the facility of redeeming the Mentyor wallet amount for the next order of assignment, if you don’t want to use the wallet amount for your present assignment.